Pip of Pengersick – A Smuggler’s Tale

Pip of Pengersick

Holyer An Gof 2007 Book Award Winner“A canine hero is our Pip
Famed for exploits on land and ship.” Brian Harris, December 2007

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Adopted into a family of notorious Cornish smugglers, Pip of Pengersick takes to life on the high seas as she learns the trade of those who sail by a dark moon.Business is going well when a well-dressed stranger sends Pip and her friend, the smuggler Harry Carter, on an urgent mission to London – ordered by the King of England himself.A secret mission takes the intrepid Pip and Harry to France, a country in the grip of revolution. Pip’s Cornish home seems a long way away.

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Will Pip and Harry ever make it back alive without the shadowy figures who seem to dog their every footstep…

The first story in the Pip series and set in the late 18th century. Pip just happens to be the name of my little dog, too. What a coincidence.

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This is an adventure book. It’s about a dog named Pip who goes to England with a man named Harry to meet the King of England. He sends Harry and Pip on a secret mission to France during the French Revolution, to bring back safely the heir to the French throne, because he revolutionaries want him dead.

I enjoyed reading the book because, in the dramatic parts of the story, it had really good descriptive vocabulary so I felt like I was actually there. The most exciting part was when the pirates and the French had a big battle. The author built up tension so I wanted to read on and find out what happens.

I would recommend this book to others. It is suitable for both boys and girls aged 10-13.

Megan, age 10, Aquila magazine, November 2008