My nose is froze and my toes is froze!

It’s alright for her. She goes out in a jumper and a coat and a hat and a scarf and paw covers for her hands and a duvet and a blanket and a… well, maybe not the duvet and a blanket. But what do I get? Nothing! Nowt, nada, zip, zilch, zero. So I trot down the road on the freezing tarmac and then she expects me to go bounding into the sea like some dumb Doberman or vacant Vizsla. No way! It’s straight to the dog cafe for me with biscuits and cuddles from the staff.

And do you know how I pay her back? I sit on her. I let my wet, sandy tummy dry on her trousers.

So next time you make your beastie walk in the cccold, just think about how they’ll pay you back!

Dog Days of Autumn

The humans have put away their shorts and T-shirts and the beach is ours again.

I love to feel the sand under my paws and the Autumn breeze that lifts my tail. I know human people like the sun (well, most of them but not all) but it’s harder for PWFs like me (People With Fur). After all, if it gets hot, I can’t unzip my fur coat. All I can do is pant and look longingly at the ice creams that everyone except me seem to eat.

But now Autumn is really here I’m happy again. And I can meet up with all my canine companions that I haven’t seen all summer. Dog Days indeed!

Free B&B

My friend Roxy has been staying with me for 3 weeks. It wasn’t my idea – I wasn’t even asked. One day she just turned up with her bed, a large bag of food and her favourite toy – a stuffed pheasant that squeaked.

As it turned out the bag of food wasn’t nearly enough and did she sleep in her bed? No she didn’t! For3 weeks she ate my food, slept in my bed and played with my toys.

Mum didn’t say a word and nor did Dad. I was supposed to be happy because she was staying. Well, ok, it was quite nice having someone to play with all the time except that Roxy didn’t always want to play with me. I don’t know why. I didn’t bark at her or anything like that. But we played on the beach when mum took us and paddled in the sea. I liked that bit.

I didn’t like meal times because I had to guard my food better than a soldier at Buckingham Palace (somewhere I’ve never been invitited but I’m sure I shall one day). Roxy would try to ‘finish up’ anything I hadn’t eaten. It’s not my fault I don’t bolt my food like her! So I had to eat on the double and keep both eyes and ears open.

One evening we had a speed eating contest but Roxy still won even though I tried my best. I mean, you can even hear her eating.

I got my own back though – cos I was all over that pheasant like hair on a gorilla. I had that pheasant good!

Chiisai inu


Watashia wa chiisai inu desu. Kuroi to chairo to shiroi desu.

Hamabe wo suki hanshi wo shimasu. Oishii to nigiyakana desu. Hamabe ga dai suki desu kara oyogu wa amari suki ja arimasen.

Takusan boken deshita. Kono monogatari wo tsumaranai mono desu ga desu. Sumimasen, watashi no nihon-go mijuku desu!


Aqua dog

Summer is really here! My fur smells of salt and beaches and gentle breezes. I doze in the garden, the buzz of insects a soft annoyance. And then there’s the joy of paddling in the ocean.

When I first saw the ocean I was just a pup. The slate coloured water looked solid and unwelcoming. And when two massive bear-dogs chased me, I found myself sinking beneather the water instead of skidding across grey-coloured glass. Twice I was ducked under the waves by two who were bigger and stronger and meaner. I was rescued at last and lay shivering in her arms, convinced that the sea and I were not destined to be friends.

But now at the grand age of six, I have been converted. I paddle, I splash, I sploosh and I lie in the shallows to cool my withers. I am… aqua dog!